1 semolina flower eggs and chili flake infused olive oil for the pasta dough

2 nate and cut the pasta by hand after running the dough through our pasta roller

3 cherry tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil and thyme went into an allready bubbling light curry base

with curry powder, garam massalla, cardmom, clove, tumeric, methi powder, fenell mustard and cumin seeds

4 havoc ensues

tayla, walker’s girlfriend, worked on the salad which had candid almond slivers cooked with lemon and black berries which all went into the vinaggrette

0   about 4 hours ago we started our squid scallops and baby octopus soaking in buttermilk

5 nate deep fries the baby octopus after dipping them in aseasoned flower

6 I sear the scallops after giving them a wine and chilli paste glaze

7 pasta boils

8 try the scallops. fall in love.

9 plate 1 scallop and the fried octopus along with the finished baby spinach salad

10 look at that face doesn’t that make it all worth it?

11 fried calamari go with curried tomato sauce over handmade pasta tossedd in olive oil with shaved parmigan

12 nate opens a bottle of Alamos “Malbec”

13 we e—a—t

14 everything is amazing

15 so much fun tayla decorated walker was suprised gave us best meal he has eaten all year award

16 everyone cleans up and goes home h—a—p—p—y